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Purchasing or Refinancing a Home Shouldn't be Stressful

For over 20 years Chandler and Schiffman has been advising clients on all types of real estate transactions in the Triad and throughout North Carolina. Our legal team is well versed in all facets of residential law and works diligently to ensure that each transaction is handled expediently. We work hard to ensure personalized legal representation by carefully attending to each individual matter. 

Our firm strives to provide our clients with best-in-class, cost effective legal services. Whether you are purchasing your first or fifth home, refinancing a mortgage, or seeking out a property title search, our experienced real estate attorneys have the skills and resources that are essential for successful outcomes.  


Comprehensive Real Estate Legal Services

For many individuals, buying or selling a home is the largest financial transaction they will undertake in their lifetime. Moreover, the purchase and sale of single-family and multi-family dwellings, townhouses and condominiums involve a variety of legal and financing issues. For these reasons, it is crucial to have the advice and counsel of experienced real estate attorneys. 

Our firm has a close relationship with local realtors, developers, contractors, title agencies, surveyors, lenders and other attorneys which allows us to ensure that your closing goes as smoothly as possible.  We can review purchase and sale contracts, arrange for home inspections, and arrange for title searches. Above all, our legal team is dedicated to protecting each client’s interests and securing their investment. 


Closing the Deal

Chandler and Schiffman recognize that buying or selling can be an emotional and stressful process. Our dedicated legal team provides each client with a superior level of personal service to ensure that the deal proceeds smoothly and stress-free. We will prepare all the necessary legal documents, assist your lender as you obtain financing, and conduct the real estate closing in our office at a time that is convenient for you and with electronic recording we have the ability to record in almost every county in North Carolina.